Art of Medicine at #HIMSS14

The new Art of Medicine campaign is focused on getting physicians back to their original roots – the reason we all stepped over the threshold of medical education and into an honorable profession to serve our community. Its all about the patient but changes in the healthcare system and in particular changes with technology have taken the focus away from our patients and onto the technology in our office. Recent study conducted by Northwester University highlighted the distraction physicians feel away form their patients by the EMR

As Steve Schiff, MD a practicing cardiologists puts it

As far back as I can remember, there was never a time when I didn’t want to be a physician. It’s a choice in which there is no equivocation: either you want to be a doctor or you don’t.

The campaign includes an e-Guide: The Art of Medicine in A Digital World replete with thoughts, suggestions and concepts to manage the digital world while remaining focused on the most important person in the examination room – the patient. The release was covered in this piece by HIT Consultant and referenced the panel taking place next month in Boston.
Many of the thoughts and ideas were captured in the Top 38 lessons from Digital Health CEO’s from Rock Health. I picked a few choice quotes that capture the spirit and intent fo the Art of Medicine for me:

“Healthcare is yet to be transformed by technology.” – Joshua Kushner
“You need a degree of foolishness to cause disruptive change in healthcare. Dare to dream.” – Vinod Khosla
“If you’re going to re-invent healthcare you have to start from scratch.” – Vinod Khosla
“The key to good product is invisibility for the user.”
“Partnership is going to be absolutely key to taking healthcare to the next transition in evolution.” – Sue Siegel

  The campaign kicked off this week with this resource page – The Art of Medicine and a short video highlighting the challenges and opportunites

There will be much discussion at HIMSS14 around the topic and we are looking forward to hosting the panel on Thursday, March 27, 2014, 9:00-11:00 a.m. at Boston’s W Hotel. You can find out more and/or register here or come by our booth 3765 at HIMSS14.

“The science of medicine goes nowhere if you leave the human element out of the equation. Curing our patients starts with listening to them.”

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