Digital Health Technology Trends from SXSW

Great graphic that HITConsultant posted in this update SXSW Health Tech Trends

Health and fitness apps, smart devices and connected products are making us more aware of our own health—and more active participants in our efforts to stay healthy. At the same time, health providers are looking to technology for smarter ways to deliver quality care, whether we are in the hospital or at home.

  • Wearable technology – 80% of consumers would benefit from the use of wearable technology
  • Connected devices – Using remote monitoring to reduces readmissions
  • EHRs – 71% of physicians now use EHRs and 85% meeting current meaningful standards
  • Telehealth 70% patients comfortable communicating with their doctor using digital technology vs hauling themselves in to the officer
  • Predictive analytics – More than 80% of standard tasks (BP, glucose etc) and even complex testing (e.g. genomics) will change the way we deliver care as described by Eric Topol​ in “The Patient Will See You Now
  • Population health management – 70% of providers reporting patient care benefits from population health initiatives
  • mHealth apps – 71% of want providers to use mobile apps not least of because they do…going where everyone else is
  • Data security – rightly ranked as a major issue among consumers given the ongoing debacle of healthcare related security breaches (Premera and Anthem Blue Cross, the HHS wall of shame)
  • Partnerships – increasing healthcare companies entering new healthcare partnership – Tenet seem to be the latest
  • Cloud-based technology – importantly seen in conjunction with “Data Security” expect this to grow at a staggering 20% rate and heading to $5.4 billion in annual revenue.


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